A few thoughts Week 7/52 #52essays2017

A few thoughts        Week 7/52 #52essays2017

This essay is written as part of the #52essays2017 challenge  initiated by Vanessa Martir. Currently we are on  week 11 and I am on my 7th essay because life happens. Enjoy!


I should know this pathway – the pathway of resilience, of strength.  My mom taught me that.  My dad taught me that.  I should know the pathway.  The pathway of persevering – no matter what. The pathway of innocence, curiosity, failure and willingness to sacrifice so much for so many.  I should know the pathways of my people – who succeeded, no matter what.  Who loved, no matter what – who cried, who laughed, who lived.  I should know the pathway of brilliance, navigating systems and helping others along the way.  I should know the pathway – of clear, stable roads obstructed by objects and people.  I should know the pathway and kicking those things out the way to clear the pathway.  I also know the pathway that is unstable, that is rocky, that is waiting for someone; for me and for those that will come after me.  I should know the pathway and I also know that I can create a new one if this pathway doesn’t serve me because I know my worth.


“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” Audrey Lorde

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What is a Revolution?

To me, revolution is within – within your mind and within your heart.  Discover that you are enough and what you have to say is important.  Revolution is when people can uncover their gifts, talents and abilities and become unapologetic about using them to the greater good.  Revolution is a state of mind knowing that you can bond together with like-minded folks and forge a community that is powerful, goal oriented and determined.  That you are deserving of the best – in everything.  That will mean dismantling systems designed to keep certain people out and perpetuate oppression and discrimination to keep others in.  Revolution is when you find out what holds you back from being your best self, you tackle it  and choose you each and every time.    I know now  that shining your light, living your best self while helping others do the same is revolutionary and possible.  Self love is revolutionary.

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