About Me

Dr. Cindy Bautista-Thomas is an innovative visionary committed to helping others tap into their hidden potential, discover their God given gifts, and help them take inspired action towards creating the life they’ve always envisioned.  She is a licensed clinical social worker, educator, podcast host, yoga instructor, author, mother, wife, master trainer and curator of spaces of healing, transformation and impact.   A master facilitator in personal and professional development, Cindy is enthusiastic about connecting with people and supporting them in their transformation process to live their best lives.

In her former role as Associate Director of Field Education at the Columbia University School of Social Work she used  her teaching and leadership experience to teach field instruction seminars, coordinate internship opportunities and organize social work conferences. Additionally, Cindy has spearheaded all aspects of the field education program and uses her collaborative leadership style to oversee and manage multiple projects of the Field Education Department. Currently she is a substitute Assistant Professor at John Jay College in the Department of Counseling and Human Services Department.  

Whether through her work as an educator, conducting personal development workshops, or individual coaching sessions, Cindy uses her professional training and personal experiences, to provide services that aid individuals to create a balanced and fulfilled life. Be it overcoming fears and limiting beliefs, unearthing hidden strengths and talents, or helping with goal setting, Cindy works with individuals to integrate sustainable change not only in what they do, but in who they are becoming.  

In 2017, Cindy decided to leverage her leadership, interpersonal, and coaching skills and co-founded Velocity Visions, a personal development agency, whose mission is to provide transformational guidance to individuals, groups, and corporations through wellness activities, workshops, and interactive exercises that enhance personal and professional efficacy. With her bigger than life personality, warm smile, and innate ability to help others feel comfortable, Cindy is using her God given talents to help others find theirs. Her strong presence, passion, and professionalism makes Cindy one of the premiere transformation coaches in the industry.

When she’s not transforming lives, Cindy spends her time with her family and pursuing her creative passion of writing. To learn more about Cindy and the work she does with Velocity Visions visit the website at http://www.velocityvisionsinc.com.